Computer based test is another way how to sit a Cambridge English exam. If you prefer using keyboard rather than a pen and paper, it is the right option for you. We regularly offer Cambridge English: B2 First and Cambridge English: C1 Advanced exam.

Both versions computer-based and paper-based contain the same parts and lead to the same certificate. If you succeed, you will be receiving certificate with no evidence your chosen option.

Only the speaking part is NOT taken on a computer, this component is sit with a trained examiner and another candidate. This part is usually organized on different days then the written parts.


What is the advantage of taking a test on a computer?

  • You can register for an exam up to 2 weeks before the test day
  • You result will be available just 2 weeks after the test day
  • The certificate will be ready 6 weeks after the test day for collection
  • There is no late fee for registration 

During the test

  • If you prefer to write on a keyboard rather that using a pen and paper, it is the right option for you 
  • The writing component has an automatic word counter
  • You will be provided with a piece of paper which you can use for taking a note
  • All components enable you to highlight any part of the text on your screen
  • Every candidate is provided with headphones for listening part  
  • There is a timer on your screen which will tell you how much time you have to complete that section of the exam
  • There is 10 and 5 minutes warning on your screen before the end for each component 

Get familiar with a computer-based test

We recommend you to watch the tutorial which tells you how these tests look like and how to answer the exam questions.

B2 First (FCE)

Watch the B2 First (FCE) tutorial here
Computer-based sample tests

C1 Advanced (CAE)

Watch the C1 Advanced (CAE) tutorial here
Computer-based sample tests