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  • 100% refund of the examination fee – a candidate is entitled to a 100% refund if he/she cancels the registration before the end of the regular registration period.
  • 50% refund of the examination fee – a candidate is entitled to a 50% refund if he/she is unable to sit the written part of the exam due to illness. The medical statement together with the Refund application form must be presented no later than four days after the date of the examination. Late requests or requests without the medical statement shall not be taken into consideration.

Completed Refund application form (50%, 100%) and the medical statement shloud be sent to:

Candidates registered by an institution must process their refund requests via this institution.

Other changes 

  • The date and the venue (examination centre) of the written part of the examination cannot be changed.
  • The date of the speaking part can only be changed for serious reasons; changes can only be made within the speaking window (dates set by Cambridge for each exam). Candidates see the speaking window during registration process.