Succeed in your Cambridge English Qualifications with our online preparation platform! It is available if you register for B2 First, B2 First for Schools and C1 Advanced with the British Council. 

Find advice, tips, strategies, practice exercises and last-minute revision. Boost your knowledge, skills and confidence before taking your exam.

Candidates who register with us to take Cambridge English Qualifications: B2 First (FCE) for Schools and C1 Advanced (CAE) exams have exclusive free access to our candidate support website. Through the platform, we offer candidates online practice and revision exercises to help them prepare and succeed in their Cambridge English Qualifications.

What’s in the online platform?

The online preparation platform is a valuable resource aimed at boosting your knowledge, skills and confidence before taking the B2 First (FCE) for Schools and C1 Advanced (CAE) exam.

It offers B2 First (FCE) for Schools and C1 Advanced (CAE) candidates the chance to review the Listening, Reading, Use of English and Writing components.

You can complete all the exercises or choose the part(s) of the exam you want to focus on. You can check your answers after each exercise. There is no time limit so you can take as long as you need and repeat the exercises as many times as you want.

With this online resource you can:

  • get advice about the Reading, Listening and Use of English;
  • get tips and strategies to help you answer different types of questions;
  • complete practice exercises for a variety of tasks in the exam and apply different exam strategies;
  • reflect on your learning and understand why you got something right or wrong, and learn how you can do better next time;
  • get advice for improving your English skills further.

How do I register for the platform?

Our preparation materials are exclusively available to all candidates who register with the British Council for the B2 First or C1 Advanced exam and getting started is easy.

On completion of the registration process, all candidates will receive an activation code by email approximately a month before the exams take place.

What do students say about our preparation materials?

‘Each part is well explained with techniques to improve your skills.’

B2 First student, Greece

‘It is very similar to the real exam, and you can write and get your writing corrected.’ 

C1 Advanced student, Spain

 ‘What I like about it is that it is very easily accessible.’ 

C1 Advanced student, Poland

‘It was a great way to find out what I actually know and not and this was very useful for me.’ 

C1 Advanced student, Portugal

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