Teachers are one of the most important factors in guaranteeing success for our students. That is why we are committed to providing you with the best qualified and the most experienced teaching professionals.

Our teachers are:

  • highly qualified. Many teachers have a diploma-level qualification such as the Cambridge University DELTA or Trinity College London DipTESOL. All teachers have as a minimum a certificate in teaching English.
  • very experienced. All teachers have at least two years full-time teaching experience.
  • highly expert in the use of the English language.
  • are engaged in continual professional development. 
  • educated to degree level. 

Meet some of our teachers

Martin Stanley, teacher, British Council, Praha

Martin Stanley

I’m very happy to be back in Prague after 9 years away. One of my main responsibilities in this centre is looking after adult courses. As well as teaching adults, I really enjoy working with young learners.  

Within teaching I’m very interested in different ways of learning vocabulary and how we can use technology to help students learn. 

Portrait of Jenny Wilde, British Council teacher of English

Jenny Wilde

I’m Jenny, originally from Lancashire in the UK. I’ve taught in English in China, the Netherlands and now here in Prague. 
I teach a range of business English classes including financial and legal English, but I also teach general English, exam preparation courses and young learners. 

Jason Hwang, teacher, British Council, Prague

Jason Hwang

I am an American from San Francisco and have lived and taught in the Czech Republic for over 9 years. Travelling and eating different international cuisines have always been some of my favourite hobbies.

I currently teach English for adult courses, including exam preparation.

photo of Alicia Albertson , British Council teacher of English

Alicia Albertson

I arrived in Prague in 2016 and I think I may never leave - not just because the city is so beautiful but because I get to work with such great students here!

Ben Herbert, teacher, British Council, Prague

Ben Herbert

I studied at university in Brighton and graduated in 2005. After that I worked for the British parliament for four years before deciding to become an English teacher. Since entering the teaching profession I have worked for the British Council in Jordan, Libya, and now the Czech Republic, teaching a variety of age groups.

Jaime Lilley, British Council teacher of English

Jaime Lilley

I'm from Los Angeles, California, but I've been teaching in Prague from about 2004. In the last years, I've also been training teachers as a Cambridge CELTA and DELTA tutor. When I have a bit of free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, my son and my naughty little cat, Biscuit.

Liam Bunce, teacher, British Council, Prague

Liam Bunce

I teach adults for the British Council both in school and off-site in companies.
I’ve taught in countries such as Hungary and China before coming to Prague in 2011. Originally I am from Bristol in the UK, home of Wallace and Gromit, Pirates and Cider!

Jarmila Valkova, British Council teacher of English

Jarmila Valkova

Languages and communication fascinate me and I love working with motivated and creative learners. I have been teaching English for over fifteen years now and my favourite classes are probably Cambridge exam preparation and teaching adults. Apart from English, I teach second language pedagogy at Charles University in Prague and train future teachers in an international TEFL programme. I enjoy long walks, travelling and talking to inspirational people.

Sean Harper, British Council teacher of English

Sean Harper

I am from south-west England and have travelled a lot in various countries. I worked as a scuba diving instructor in Egypt before coming to Prague in 2002. I have been teaching English here ever since in a variety of companies and institutions. I am very happy to call Prague my home now.

Luu Janockova, British Council teacher of English

Luu Janockova

I love what I do and I do what I love – teach English. I started in 2013 and since then I have taught students from all over the world in various language centres across the UK and in Prague. I also do soft skills training and I love dancing, reading, knitting and bryndzové halušky.