Professional trainer discussing requirements

British Council corporate training courses are highly personalised, flexible and individual programmes, aimed at getting the results you need to progress personally and in your career.

We’ll help you define your training and learning objectives through in-depth needs analysis, via free placement testing and the option of Aptis testing, and we’ll discuss and develop your programme with you. You will be able to select from a menu of modules, all specifically designed for use by corporate clients of the British Council.

You will receive regular progress assessments and ongoing feedback, and your teacher will offer ideas and suggestions on how to improve in various areas, as well as access to websites and resources that you can use outside the classroom.

By the end of your course you will have increased your autonomy, effectiveness and confidence in using English in a professional environment.

Talk to our Corporate Courses Coordinator about putting together a course specific to your needs. Choose from our selection of core modules, add classes and workshops from our wide corporate selection, and let’s tailor a course to your needs. Follow our easy step by step guide.

We deliver teaching and training for groups and individuals at your premises or at the British Council.


  • Conversation & Social English
  • English for the workplace (Business Communication, Legal English, Financial English, HR English, Presentations, Meetings, Telephoning and e-mails writing)
  • Exam preparation; General English; Academic English, etc.

Our teaching and training is of the highest standard. We support you and your organisation as you work in an increasingly international environment.

Our teachers are qualified, experienced and professional and our Customer Service team provides reliable and timely administrative support.

We also offer free placement testing and level assessment.


Courses are for groups in all professional areas, for example:

  • English for the workplace (including Business Communication Skills, Legal English, Financial English, HR English, etc.) 
  • General English
  • Exam Preparation
  • Skills Workshops: English for Accountancy, English for Human Resources, Legal English, Presentations, Negotiating, Meetings, Telephoning and E-mails

We also offer:

  • Tailor-made Virtual Workshops (Adobe PDF 306KB)