Are you a business

Evening Advanced Business is a short evening course for busy business people who need to energise and extend their English. 

Thanks to activities designed to develop your speaking and listening, you will improve your fluency in English and be able to interact more effectively with colleagues and clients. You will also improve your grammar and learn new words and expressions for practical use.

Through the analysis of real work situations and a variety of practical exercises, you will improve your ability to write e-mail messages, handle telephone calls, participate in meetings and discussions and make presentations.

Among the topics you will cover: making connections, change, risk, teamwork, performance, resources. leadership, persuasion, etc. 

Rolling registration means that you don't need to wait, you can join this course at any point during the term!

Course information

  • levels

    Advanced (C1)

  • Course Format

    2 x 60 minutes per week
    Maximum 14 students in a class

  • Joining Instructions

  • Cost

    7,560 CZK / 11 weeks
    Courses in Term 1 run for 13 weeks, in Term 2 for 11 weeks and in Term 3 for 12 weeks. Total course length over three terms in the academic year is 36 weeks.