"We were very satisfied with the online course. I hope that in regard to the worsening situation with Covid-19 you will teach online again."
Parent (Online Course, 2020)

"Adam spent 5 years of his life (2-7 years of age) in the UK. Upon our return to the Czech Republic, we registered him at the British Council and he has been taking English lessons at the British Council for over 6 years now. Thanks to his effort and the wonderful work of the tutors at the British Council he has managed to retain and extend his knowledge of the English language to such an extent that in June this year he passed the FCE exam with 92%...! And he did that despite of the COVID lockdown! We are ever so proud of him, at the same time we fully appreciate your share in this success!
Dear British Council Team, please, accept our huge "Thank you" for all your hard work! We wish you a pleasant remainder of the summer holiday and a lot of success and joy at your work in the forthcoming years!"
Parent (Primary and Secondary Plus, 2020)

"I am so glad that we have decided, even under current situation, to send our two sons, Samuel and Simon, to your Summer Camp. Even after the first day I have to send you a thank you note for the care and great organization that you provide for the children. Even though Samuel cannot participate on the afternoon program he was sooo excited about the mornings schedule and of course the great food! And the best teacher, as he has told us! Thank you again, it is great that the kids have some kind of possibility for normal contacts after such a long time."
Parent (Summer Camp, 2020)

"My son knew English before, but never really spoke it until he went to the British Council. Now he’s so much more confident."

Parent (English for Teens, 2014)

"The British Council teachers are kind and helpful. I like speaking English in the class with my friends."
Student (English for Kids, 2014)

"My teacher helped me pronounce difficult English words. I think the teachers here are the best for teaching pronunciation."
Student (English for Teens, 2013)