FameLab 2019 - National final

12 May 2019
Studio Ypsilon, Prague

On 12 May, the Czech national FameLab 2019 final took place in Studio Ypsilon in Prague. The expert jury of Dr. Michael Londesborough, Mgr. Marie Rodinová and prof. Václav Pačes had, yet again, a very difficult task of deciding who the awarded contestants would be. Focusing on the scientific content, clarity of presentation and charisma of the competitors they reached the following decision:

THE OVERALL WINNER of FameLab 2019 Czech Republic became Lukáš Maryška. He will represent the Czech Republic at the International FameLab Final in Cheltenham, UK in early June. Lukáš also won the hearts and votes of the spectators. The AUDINCE PRIZE was prezented by Ing. Pavel Velev, President of the Tomáš Baťa Foundation.

THE RUNNER-UP PRIZE was awarded to Sofie Kolibová who will also have a chance to meet other international FameLab finalists and many experts at Cheltenham Science Festival.

The CZECH CENTRES PRIZE went to Miroslav Peřina who will be going to a week-long residency at one of the Czech Centre offices around the world.

A very special PRIZE FOR THE BEST PRESENTATION awarded by a famous Czech linguists doc. Karel Oliva went to Daniela Máčalová.

Congratulations to all contestants for their fantastic shows. We wish you all the best of luck in your future science communication carreers.

We would also like to thank all our FameLab 2019 partners for their support:
Britské velvyslanectví v PrazeNadace Tomáše Bati, Česká centra, Akademie věd České republiky, Spolek Adeto, and doc. Karel Oliva

FameLab 2019 winner Lukáš Maryška and Denise Waddingham, Director British Council Czech Republic
FameLab 2019 winner Lukáš Maryška and Denise Waddingham, Director British Council Czech Republic ©

T. Belloň

Sofie Kolibová - FameLab 2019 runner-up ©

T. Belloň

Miroslav Peřina won the Czech Centres Prize. ©

T. Belloň

Daniela Máčalová demonstrated that you can explain science in verse, plus she had fantastic props too. ©

T. Belloň

Finalists on stage
FameLab 2019 finalists ©

T. Belloň

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