Eight national finalists of the FameLab 2018 competition from Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Ireland and the Czech Republic came to Prague with a science show like no other.

You can now watch their three-minute talks on fascinating science topics online. Learn some fascinating facts about good viruses, human parasites called Guinea worm, ways of treating bone infections, black holes and much more.

The event took place on 9 November 2018 in Městská knihovna v Praze as part of the Week of Science and Technology / Týden vědy a techniky AV ČR.

Big thanks to Dr. Michael Londesborough for hosting the event and the eight FameLab 2018 finalists for their talks.

  • Ágnes Kis-Tóth from Hungary
  • Juan Margalef from Spain
  • Ruth Dudek Wicher from Poland
  • Veli Vural Uslu from Germany
  • Lucy Guile from the UK
  • Maureen Williams from Ireland
  • Ansgar Gruber from the Czech Republic
  • Lucie Doležálková from the Czech Republic
  • FameLab 2018 International Echoes - speakers' bios (Adobe PDF 476KB)
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