Eliška Selinger on stage at the FameLab International 2016 second semi-final heat, Cheltenham, 8 June 2016

This was the biggest FameLab International Final yet, with 29 candidates from all over the world taking part in the final rounds at Cheltenham Science Festival! The national finalist will be battling in three semi-finals for ten places in the international final.

The Czech representant Eliška Selinger was in the second semi-final on Wednesday afternoon, 8 June. Eliška didn't make it through to the international final, nevertheless her performene was great. Watch the recording of the second semi-final. (Eliška's performence starts at 25 minutes from the beginning.)

All the national winners at the international semi-finals were excellent and, on a different day with different judges, any one of them could have advanced to the international final and delivered another great presentation. 

In the end though, the triumph went to Malaysia and the very charismatic and compelling Abhi Veerakumarasivam with an excellent presentation on the genetics and cellular basis of cancer, which he closed with a rallying call to the importance of science communication. 

the twelve finalists:

  • Dina El-Zohiry (Egypt)
  • Alba Aguion (Spain)
  • Erinn Fagan-Jeffries (Australia)
  • Leandros Lamnis (Greece)
  • Ilissa Ocko (USA)
  • Kyle Evans (UK)
  • Nozipho Gumbi (South Africa)
  • Lorenzo Pizzuti (Italy)
  • Aida Rafat (Qatar)
  • Abhi Veerakumarasivam (Malaysia)
  • Karolina Nowak (Poland)
  • Constantinos Timinis (Cyprus)

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backstage photos

Eliška Selinger, FameLab 2016 Czeh Republic winner (left) and Lenka Zychová (FameLab 2016 Czeh Republic finalist) with Abhi Veerakumarasivam from Malaysia - the FameLab International 2016 winner
Eliška Selinger and Lenka Zychová with Richard Dawkins at Cheltenham Science Festival

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