British Council female teacher and student at IELTS speaking test
Friday 28 June 2019 -
19:15 to 20:15
British Council, Praha

In addition to our Writing Seminar for registered exam candidates, we are offering you an extra 60 minutes of tips and information to help improve your performance in the Speaking Paper. This can be taken as a separate stand-alone seminar (400 CZK) or as an add-on to the Writing Seminar (600 CZK + 350 CZK = 950 CZK). 

By the end of the Speaking Seminar you will:

  • be familiar with the parts of the exam
  • understand what is being tested and how you will be assessed
  • have seen and analysed actual performances by candidates
  • received useful tips and advice
  • have some useful functional and topic-based language to use in your exam.

Writing Seminar: 16.00 – 19.15                                  

Speaking Seminar: 19.15 – 20.15


Chris Lipski

Hi! I’m new to Prague but already fascinated by the city. In its smoky cafes one feels as if Kafka will walk in any minute. Having some experience learning foreign languages myself I found out that I learn the most when I have to speak about what interests me. My classes? As much speaking as possible!