Lukáš Pekárek explaining why antibiotics cannot cure flue. FameLab 2018 ©

T. Belloň

Friday 09 November 2018 -
15:30 to 17:00
Week of Science and Technology, Prague

The National finalists of the FameLab 2018 competition from Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Ireland  and the Czech Republic are bringing you a science show like no other. Come and listen to their three-minute talks on fascinating science topics! 

The event is hosted by a great British scientist and science communicator  Dr. Michael Londesborough. 

The event is in English. 


Ágnes Kis-Tóth / Hungary
Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Atomic Physics 
Ágnes has been enchanted by Mathematics from early on, but discovered another true passion of hers during her studies: teaching. While teaching Maths in university, she finally succumbed to the temptation of Physics and went back to studying again. Now she is an Atomic Physics PhD student working with cosmological ionized bubbles.

Juan Margalef / Spain
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 
Juan is a mathematician and physicist doing his PhD at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. He has also enjoyed the universities and daily lives of Brussels, Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, Erlangen and Barcelona. One of his FameLab talks outlines the importance of questions in the discovery of new branches of knowledge.

Ruth Dudek-Wicher / Poland
Medical University of Wroclaw 
Ruth has been admitted to a PhD in Pharmaceutical Microbiology and is investigating the structure of a bacterial biofilm, trying to determine what compounds will be able to eliminate it. A musician at heart, to find balance from her work Ruth loves to play violin, piano and ukulele. 

Veli Vural Uslu / Germany
Universität Heidelberg 
Veli was born in Turkey where he studied Chemistry and Maths, obtaining a BSc in Molecular Biology and Genetics. He went on to do internships in Italy, the USA and Germany and took up a PhD on Mouse Developmental Genetics at the University of Heidelberg, which landed him a post-doc at the Plant Physiology Department. 

Lucy Guile / United Kingdom
National Health Service 
Lucy works as a junior doctor, currently in paediatric surgery - which she loves. With a passion for healthcare in remote environments, medical and social research has taken her to Borneo, Peru, Ecuador, Fiji and the Himalayas, but wonderful family and friends means she can never stay away too long.  

Maureen Williams / Ireland
Maureen hails from the centre of the Sunshine State: Orlando, Florida, where she grew up in the water. She’s found a new home working in Irish waters at TCD, and her PhD links aquatic ecology, parasitology and zombies.

Ansgar Gruber / Czech Republic
Ansgar has been curious about the world since his childhood. His studies have brought him from Germany to České Budějovice where he is working at the Czech Academy of Sciences researching algae. In his free time he enjoys diving and photography.

Lucie Doležálková / Czech Republic
Lucie is a biochemist at the Charles University in Prague. She enjoyes science but also a lot of other things – these words can demonstrate it in short: plants, saxophone, recorder, flutes, photography, travelling and climbing. 

Dr. Michael Londesborough, Ph.D.

Michael is a British scientist and science communicator who lives and works in the Czech Republic. He is a researcher at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at the Czech Academy of Sciences where he specialises at Boron Hydrides. 
Michael runs science communication programmes with the British Council, which bring together students and researchers from the Czech Republic and the UK. He has been part of the FameLab competition in the Czech Republic since its beginning.