Doplňující studium didaktiky angličtiny

Akreditované doplňující studium didaktiky angličtiny

Accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Accreditation no. (For legal information please see the new Ministry requirements: §12, Zákon č. 563/2004 Sb. and Vyhláška No. 329/2013 Sb., §6b.) 

This course covers the key concepts in the theory of communicative language and background to language learning and language teaching. It provides a comprehensive introduction to knowledge of learners and actual classroom practice. The course complies with the Standards set by the MSMT for the language didactics courses. 


This combined course consists of two parts:  

  • E-learning: 75 hours of study with an e-moderator
  • Face-to-face: 16 hours (45 mins each), run as 1 weekend seminar

For more information and application details please contact Marta Brichová, T 221 991 114.

Course information

  • Course Outcomes

    Certificate of completion of the course. Successful completion of this course fulfills one of the MSMT requirements for English teachers' qualification. 

  • Course Format

    75 hours online study (16-18 weeks) + 16 hours (2 days) face-to-face 

  • Joining Instructions

    Online registration

  • Cost

    9,500 CZK

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