Active Citizens - Community Education for Secondary Schools is an educational project implemented by the British Council and People in Need (Člověk v tísni), Programme Varianty.

The project’s main aims are to initiate the long-term development of schools as community centres and strengthen their active co-operation with local partners, to make use of community education for the purpose of developing key competencies in involved students, to provide active support to teachers and to produce quality methodology materials for community education.

Project description

The project has provided support for the community education of students to 30 secondary schools in nine regions, in the form of two cycles of community training of teachers (academic years 2012/2013 and 2013/2014). A total of 60 teachers and 750 students have participated in the project. During the initial stage of the project, teachers were supported in the form of training during a 50-hour MoE accredited training course. Subsequently, the students, assisted by these teachers, learned to identify community needs and propose solutions in the form of student community projects. The students then implemented these projects in co-operation with local partners. The students are motivated by their interest in personal development, self-fulfilment and the opportunity to improve their labour market potential, as well as the opportunity to implement their own ideas, learn project management techniques, work in teams with their peers, communicate with people and organisations outside the school environment, including the media, learn to present their ideas and make a difference to their community. 

The scope of the project includes the creation of a comprehensive methodology package for secondary school community education including best practice examples of schools cooperating with the state administration. This methodology package is accessible to all secondary schools on the project website.

Active Citizens - British Council global programme

The Czech project is linked to the global programme Active Citizens, which brings together diverse communities from 40 countries around the world. The British Council has administered the global programme since 2007, focusing on various target audiences and adapting to local conditions in each of the participating countries.

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