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Monday 06 June 2016 to Sunday 10 July 2016

Join our online course for FREE!

Increase your confidence in English with the British Council’s free online course. By popular demand, we are repeating this six-week course focusing on the everyday use of English.

The course is for intermediate learners – from those with a general interest in learning more about language and culture to those keen to improve their English for work, travel or study.

The course will use short videos to present a different topic each week, including English as a global language, the environment, entrepreneurship and literature. Filmed in Great Britain, these videos will help you to develop your listening skills as you watch authentic examples of people speaking English.

Our experienced tutor will examine some of the language used in the videos and will draw your attention to useful points that will help you improve your spoken and written English.

What level of English language do I need in order to understand the course?

This course is aimed at non-native English speakers who have studied English to around intermediate level (approximately B1 on the CEFR).