Great summer holiday programme for children aged 7-15 years.

All-day programme in English. Lessons in the morning, fun activities in the afternoon! Five weeks of adventure.

1 July to 2 August 2019

Customised programme for two different age groups:

  • younger children (7-10 years)
  • older children (11-15 years)

What can you expect?

  • English classes throughout the morning plus one hour of speaking activities after lunch with professional, experienced British Council teachers. Children will improve their English communication and confidence as well as build their knowledge and vocabulary.
  • A cooked lunch. Drinks and light snacks will also be provided.
  • Afternoon programme in English to further boost English learning.
    The programme will vary each week but will include a mix of science, sports, arts and crafts activities. 
  • Weekly themes
    There will be a different theme each week and the afternoon programme will vary too, so if you sign up your child for more than one week, they won't be bored.

Course information

  • Location

  • Summer Camp format

    • English classes throughout the morning plus one hour of speaking activities after lunch
    • Afternoon programme in English to further boost English learning (mix of sports, science, arts and crafts activities)
  • Joining Instructions

    • For children aged 7-10 years - register online
    • For children aged 11-15 years - book a placement test online. (Our current students don't need to take a placement test.)
  • Price

    7,900 CZK / week 

    Discounts: (Discounts cannot be combined)

    • 5% off for students who are currently studying with us
    • 5% off for payments for two weeks
    • 10% off for payments for three or more weeks of Summer Camp
    • 5% off if you bring a sibling (applies for one week only)

    (The course fee includes teaching, lunches, drinks, light snacks and all learning materials.)

Summer Camp, July-August
ZŠ Červený vrch, Prague 6

Week 1* Monday-Thursday 09.00 - 17.00 1-4 July
Week 2 Monday-Friday 09.00 - 17.00 8-12 July
Week 3 Monday-Friday 09.00 - 17.00 15-19 July
Week 4 Monday-Friday 09.00 - 17.00 22-26 July
Week 5 Monday-Friday 09.00 - 17.00 29 July - 2 August

*Price for Week 1 is 6.320 CZK. (There is no tutition on Friday in Week 1, it is Czech Bank holiday.)

Contact numbers 
British Council office: +420 221 991 160
Onsite phone number:  to be confirmed

Programme and Timetable

The detailed programme may vary week to week.
09.00-12.15  English classes including breaks
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-14.00 Speaking activities
14.00-17.00 Afternoon programme including a mix of sports, science, arts and crafts activities

Frequently asked questions

What is the programme?

The core programme includes three hours of English classes each morning plus one hour of speaking activities after lunch delivered by qualified and experienced British Council teachers. This is followed by an afternoon programme in English including a mix of sports, science, arts and crafts activities. The classes will focus on communication in English and the skills of listening and speaking. There will be a different theme each week and the afternoon programme will vary too.

How will my child benefit?

Your child will develop confidence and fluency in using English, expand their vocabulary and grammatical range and also get a positive experience of learning English which will motivate them in future. They will also gain some new skills and knowledge and make some new friends. Afternoon activities will include sports and educational sessions and will be conducted in English so that students have an opportunity to further develop their language skills.

Who will look after my child?

All children will be supervised by an adult at all times while at the school. There will be a supervising teacher on site at all times and responsible assistants to supervise lunch and breaks. Afternoon activities will be led by either visiting experts or by teachers, with suitable assistants.

What happens if my child is ill or has an accident?

We will ask you to fill in a form to let us know about any pre-existing medical conditions and, where relevant, a medical contact we should use in case of an emergency. We will also require two emergency contact numbers for all children. If your child becomes ill or has a minor accident we will use the contact numbers immediately to advise you of the condition and agree any action. There will be a trained first aider on site at all times to assess a sick child. Where the situation demands we will contact the emergency services first then notify the emergency numbers immediately of the situation.   

What exactly are the afternoon activities?

The detailed programme will vary somewhat week to week but will include sports (cricket and other sports and games), games in English, science, etc.

What about lunch and snacks?

A warm lunch will be provided each day by our catering partners. Snacks may include fruit, sweet and savoury items. Water and squash will be available throughout the day.

What if my child has a special diet?

You should advise us at the time of booking about any allergies and we will inform you whether it is possible to provide suitable meals.

Can my child bring his/her own food?

Yes, providing it is suitably wrapped. However, we will not be able to discount the price in this case. Children typically bring additional snacks of their own choice but have the meals provided by the school. Note that we do not have facilities to warm food.

What do I need to provide on the first day?

  • The health declaration (risk of infection) including a copy of your child’s health insurance card. These documents do not need to be signed by a doctor.
  • A signed letter in the case that your child needs to leave the camp earlier than usual.
  • Any medicines with dispensing instructions.

Note that we will require you to provide this information on the first morning of the school and sign a declaration. You should allow time to complete the formalities when you drop off your child on the first morning.

What does my child need to bring with them?

  • indoor gym shoes 
  • outdoor sports shoes with no heels
  • comfortable clothes for both interior and exterior
  • sun hat, sun glasses, sun cream
  • small bag and drink bottle with a name label
  • pencil case with pens and pencils for the morning English

When can I bring my child along to camp? 

Between 08.15 and 09.00. Please note the sessions begin at 09.00. On the first Monday please come early as we need to check all the relevant documents. 

In case your child will be late let us know on one of the two onsite numbers (the numbers will be confirmed nearer the time).

When can I pick up my child from camp?

At 17.00. Please come on time and by 17.15 at the latest.

The children will not normally be free until 16.50, so it is necessary to let us know on one of the two onsite numbers below if you wish to collect your child early or if you will be late.

Contact numbers 
British Council office: +420 221 991 160
Onsite phone number:  to be confirmed

What we recommend leaving at home: 

Any items of high value, jewellery, electronic devices, etc. All clothing should be name-tagged to identify its owner. 

What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

  • For cancellations made up to 9 June, an administrative fee of 500 CZK will be charged. 
  • For caancellations after 9 June but more than 7 days before the start of the course, you will receive a refund worth 50% of the fee.
  • For cancellations made less than 7 days before the start of the course 100% of the will course fee be charged 
  • Cancellations due to medical reason - less than 7 days before the start of the course (particular week) administration fee of 1,000 CZK will be charged.
  • Cancellations due to medical reason – after the beginning of the course (particular week), attended lessons will be charged for and 50% of the fee for the unattended lessons will be refunded.
  • Cancellation due to medical reasons has to be supported by a doctor's note.

The refund or credit will be provided only upon receiving the original British Council receipt attached to your written request. Refunds can only be paid by bank transfer.

If you wish to have a child take over another child’s place we will need to placement test the new child (applies only to children aged 11-15 years) and will only agree if they have a similar English level and/or are within the age range of the group. No changes are possible once the course has begun.