This summer, teenagers can enjoy a totally immersive international experience. These classes take place with British Council classmates from other countries in Europe. We are a global organisation with a presence in more than 100 countries, and we'd like our Summer International students to enjoy an experience which will allow them to make maximum progress in their English and acquire all the confidence they need for their international academic future. 

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This programme will allow students to develop language and core skills in an international classroom with learners from across Europe. An international learning experience from your home.

Our courses will cover:

SECONDARY PLUS encourages teenagers to improve their ability to communicate in English as well as developing the core 21st century skills they need to use confidently, such as collaboration and critical thinking. 

SPEAK OUT! develops a wide range of resources to speak in English through participating in a series of interactive tasks such as role plays, debates, plays and presentations. 

QUIZZES AND ESCAPE ROOMS enjoyable and engaging optional extras to allow students to engage and have fun in English. 

What a two-week summer course looks like:

Your child will study English five days a week – Monday to Friday.

Each two-week module includes a total of:

  • 20 hours of live online classes including connecting with international students
  • additional access to our interactive self-learning platform if you want to practise even more.

This means that each day your child will have:

  • 2 hours of live English classes (with 1 x 10-minute breaks) 

Course information

  • Course format

    The full course is 20 hours.

  • Course location


  • Price

    The full price of each course is 4,675 CZK for two weeks.

Secondary Online International

Levels Days Times
LEVEL B1 – UPPER SECONDARY  04.07.22–15.07.22 10.00–12.10
LEVEL B1 – UPPER SECONDARY  18.07.22–29.07.22 10.00–12.10
LEVEL B2 – UPPER SECONDARY  04.07.22–15.07.22 10.00–12.10
LEVEL B2 – UPPER SECONDARY  18.07.22–29.07.22 10.00–12.10
LEVEL C1 – UPPER SECONDARY  04.07.22–15.07.22 10.00–12.10
LEVEL C1 – UPPER SECONDARY  18.07.22–29.07.22 10.00–12.10